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Tuscarora’s Winter Break Spirit Week


This week here at Tuscarora we have spirit week! Spirit week is a five day week and everyday of that week there is a theme and students are supposed to dress up in the theme. It is a way of showing your spirit for your school.

Our Spirit week looks like: 

Monday – Holiday/Winter PJ Day

Tuesday- Dress to impress

Wednesday- Ugly Sweater Day 

Thursday- Cozy Flannel Day

Friday- Frosty Friday (white out)

Monday 12/18: I saw a whole lot of people wearing their Christmas themed pajamas. I will say not as many people participated in the theme. Pajama day is one of the easiest days of spirit week, you wake up and don’t have to worry about getting dressed or having to look good in your outfit. I would rate Monday a 7/10 because a lot of people did wear their pjs but not a lot of people really did it. 

Tuesday 12/19: I noticed not a lot of people participated in this day. There were quite a few suits or dress up shirts. Not that many people dressed. I would rate Tuesday a 4/10, there was such a lack of spirit coming from the students.

Wednesday 12/20: Ugly sweater day was a big flop here at Tuscarora. “I maybe saw one person participate, and that was my teacher,” said junior Courtney Turner. I don’t think I saw four people wearing ugly sweaters. I would rate Ugly Sweater Day a 1/10 because nobody even tried this day. 

Thursday 12/21: I don’t know if you know this but, flannel isn’t that pattern that you see on clothes, flannel is the fabric that is used. Besides people not actually wearing flannels, people did wear a lot of plaid. I saw a lot of plaid today and I would say this is one of our best spirit days this week. Thursday is getting the rate of 8/10 for many participants.   

Friday 12/22: Frosty Friday, I saw a lot of people wearing white but not a lot. I wouldn’t say a lot of people dressed up this week, especially not today. Today would be rated a 4/10 for not that many participants. 

I think here at Tuscarora our school spirit has gone down a whole lot. My early years here people were going all in for spirit week and now you don’t really see people dressing up. I feel that students just don’t have the energy anymore and a lot of students think it’s boring or just don’t want to. When asked about spirit week, sophomore Alyssa Kimmel stated “from what I saw nobody participated in the spirit week because it’s always the same days and I feel like they should add more themes.” Even students feel that our spirit week days are boring and are tired of them being repeated over and over again.

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