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Your Friendly Neighborhood Literacy Specialist: Amanda Kremnitzer


Amanda Kremnitzer is a literary specialist here at Tuscarora High School. Krem loves to teach here at Tuscarora, but she was not always teaching at high schools.

She had taught at Ballenger Creek Middle School before and that is how most students here at Tuscarora know and love her. Krem loves to teach and she would not trade this job for anything.

When asked if she would quit teaching for $1,000,000 her response was, “No, I love teaching and would not want another profession.”

One of the main questions students have for teachers is how they got into teaching, so how did Krem get into teaching?

When Krem was in college she noticed how her classmates could not write proper essays and sentences or just did not really get the English structure. She thought she could help high school students get ready for college, and that’s when she got into teaching and really liked it. Teaching is just like any other job. There’s some things you like and some things you don’t like.

Krem’s favorite thing about teaching is the students. She likes how everyone has different personalities and how “they bring different stories to the table.”

The thing Krem likes the least about teaching is the system. She mentions, “there are a lot of educational problems,” and that, “we are too confined to making those changes.”

With these problems, Krem never fails to show up to school everyday. She is always motivated, and what motivates her the most is us, the students.

Apart from the students motivating her, Krem notes her colleagues are better than anyone at uplifting her. Krem loves how her colleagues keep ramping her up and get her to keep going.

With all the teachers in the school, Krem says Ms. Hamilton gives her the most inspiration. “She’s very different from me when I was in her class. I was very hype and she’s so chill, but get’s her kids to do great things.”

Krem really loves teaching, and when asked if she ever thought about quitting she said, “there have been times where I thought of it but it’s always the kids that stop me” (It’s me. She can’t quit with me still here). Yet, Krem loves this profession and we should all thank her for being an amazing person and helping so many people, not only with English work, but through their own personal problems as well.



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