Love Wins ’tis the season

POTUS’ Respect for Marriage Act ceremony on 12/13/22

It’s the Christmas season and love is in the air all around the U.S. because on Tuesday, President Biden signed into service the Respect for Marriage Act in the White House. The Respect for Marriage bill, protecting same-sex and interracial marriages, was in conflict with the Defense for Marriage Act in 2013 that defended the “traditional” matrimony between man and woman. The lingering case ‘Obergefell vs. Hodges’ was festering tension between the LGBTQ+ community and political parties that opposed it. The approval and signing of the act is creating milestones for America and relieving millions of Americans whose legal lives depended on it. 

According to Biden, “everyone should have the right to answer those questions for themselves without the government interference,” and secures the federal “protections that come with marriage.” Therefore, the bill is signed on a matter of respect to privacy. Equally, on the respect to individuality and ownership of your personal life. 

The Hill a conservative organization that promotes a changing America, confers, “at least 20 million adults in the U.S. identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to a new analysis of government data, representing nearly 8 percent of the nation’s total adult population.”

Over 20 million Americans are thrilled while others are not- the moral issue over the LGBTQ+ community will continue to be a topic of discussion in the Presidency and candidacy. As time moves, we hope progression does as well. This is a changing America, happy holidays!