What console is this game for?


Kevin Lewis, Contributor

What console was this game made for? Nintendo Entertainment System? Sega Genesis? Atari 2600? No, this game was made for modern computers like the one you are likely using right now. Retro gaming has been coming back for a while with old games being played on new consoles and new games being played on old consoles. Some people like the style of retro games, and some like the games because of memories of them, but this game in particular is called “The Great Chase“ and is a mini-game designed to look like a game from an 8-bit console such as an NES. This game was created by one person and the music, pixel art, and code was all done by this person to capture the feel of an old video game, the thing is, this game was made by me, and it was made in about 2 days as a sort of proof of concept for a top down pixel art game for racing, I am wondering if this would be a game you would play, so if you are interested in playing this game, please say so in the comments, have a nice day!