Poem Collection

Poem Collection

Yaiza Hernanadez

Poem 1: “Flight of Icarus” 

“What was it like to watch Icarus fall?”

I watch Apollo falter slightly at my question, silence stretching between us as he pauses to gather his thoughts.

“Despite staring into the eyes of death, I have never seen a man so alive. Even as he plummeted, the air sang with his laughter, white feathers floating through the air like snowfall. In those moments, it felt that if he’d wished to, he could have pulled the sun’s chariot from the sky and into the sea along with him.”


Poem 2: “Lo hiciste.”

En esas noches que siento que no puedo.

All those assignments I cry while doing all because I’ve always had to do everything by myself.

Late nights studying at night because that’s the only time I have true peace.

Having to balance my life out regardless of school because “no es mucho, tienes que ayudar en la casa.”

Not allowed to portray emotion because I’m the oldest and it’s seen as being “debil”.

All those weaknesses I turned into strengths to pursue a dream.

I dream that one day everything I suffered.

The silent battles I’ve fought since I was a child.

The nights of not knowing what is next.

Will all be worth it.

Todo valdrá la pena.

I will walk across that stage alongside that girl I have in me.

La niña que llevo en mi mente.

Esa niña que me motivó a ser mejor.

Con mi Corazón en la mano.

l’Il be able to tell myself.

“Todo valió la pena”

“Lo hiciste.”



Poem 3: “Now it’s your time to flourish”

As I stand outside in the chilly air

Reminiscing about those school days filled with special moments.

When all that worried me was what I was going to present as my special item for the week.

I’m hit with a cold realization.

I’m never going to be that child again.

When my life was in bright colors.

Mornings were different.

School days were adventures.

Despite all that, the child suffered. She never let go of her hopes.

Having to Continuously mourn the child I was.

The teenager I became.

The one who had to carry so much.

The one whose silence slowly made her brightness fade.

I imagine that child looking at me.

I see her with tears on her face.

But a smile that can heal any pain.

Happy to see me.


Choosing myself.

Living for me.

Wiping her tears she whispers to me.

“I knew it would be worth it”.

“Thank you for being who I needed, now it’s your time to flourish.”