Schedule Changes at Tuscarora High Impact Students and Teachers

Schedule Changes at Tuscarora High Impact Students and Teachers

Alyssa Husband and Nathan Neubauer, Contributors

FREDERICK, MD- As it becomes time for standardized tests to be completed at Tuscarora, schedule changes are imminent. Here’s what students, teachers, and the Tuscarora community need to know about these schedule changes.


Every school day from December 7, 2022, until December 16, 2022, the English and Math standardized tests will be completed by ninth and tenth grade students. These tests are requirements for graduation for all students in the state of Maryland.


All classes for students not taking standardized tests this week will be ten minutes longer. This makes these classes 90 minutes instead of the traditional 80 minute period. With classes being elongated, this also is the removal of the FLEX period for the days testing is being performed. This means that the time for students to receive extra help from teachers and the time clubs meet has been removed. 


These schedule changes due to standardized testing are affecting all aspects of the student and teacher experience.


We at the Titan Times wish the best of luck for all students taking standardized tests over the coming weeks.