The Best Holiday

Courtney Turner, Contributor

Thanksgiving, which is a nationwide celebrated event, has proven itself to be one of the best holidays of the year, if not the best. From the food to spending time with the people you love, Thanksgiving truly is a holiday like no other.

Especially on the East Coast, walking outside on Thanksgiving allows the now colorful trees and the cool autumn breeze to give a sense of comfort, a sense that is sure to lift anybody’s mood. Even for those who don’t necessarily have any plans on Thanksgiving, the next to perfect weather can definitely get anyone into a festive spirit.

The fun activities that last for the remainder of the day begin with the yearly Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. As stated on Macy’s official website, “Since the first march in 1924, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® has delighted audiences & become synonymous with the start of the holiday season.” And even though plans rarely work out, that’s half of the fun! Every year, something new goes wrong, from balloons deflating to lip sync fails, reminding us that we are all human. Thanksgiving is, after all, all about recognizing the reality that we’re all in this together.

By hosting each Thanksgiving Day football game, the Detroit Lions also contribute with carrying out annual traditions. Starting in 1934 with the first game being televised in 1953, a competitive flare brings a nice contrast to the normally mild Thanksgiving. According to USAToday, “Watching the Detroit Lions lose on Thanksgiving Day has become a holiday tradition unlike any other. The Lions have lost their last five Thanksgiving Day games, and sport a 37-43-2 all-time record on Turkey Day.”

And who can forget the food! Providing homage to the original Thanksgiving, the grand feast is sure to be what most Americans look forward to on that day. Though food customs have changed over the years, we can always count on the classic turkey centerpiece making an appearance on everyone’s plate. Not to mention the containers filled with leftovers, that completely disintegrate future worries of what to have the following days.

Of course others may argue that there are holidays much better than Thanksgiving. For example, student Ruby Reardon(10) always makes it a priority to express her love for Christmas. Even so, she appreciates Thanksgiving by communicating, “I like Thanksgiving because it brings everyone together with good food and fun times.” Additionally Allison Wallin(10) states, “Thanksgiving is good because it gives a nice break from school, time to relax, and time to eat food.” Demonstrating that even if Thanksgiving isn’t your favorite holiday, there are still aspects you can admire about it.

Finally, Thanksgiving prevents you with an opportunity to reflect on all that you’re thankful for. As shown by Harvard Health, “Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” In all, remember to appreciate what you have. Whether you spend Thanksgiving Day with family, friends, a combination of both, or not at all, always make sure to treasure your loved ones.

(Photo Creds: UConn Health)