The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Aubree Robey, Courtney Turner, Contributor

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With Thanksgiving this past week we also had The Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. We had some l performances from Mariah Carey, Big Time Rush, Sesame Street and more. During performances there was noticeable lip syncing from the singers but mainly from Mariah Carey. It was shown that on a screen in front of the singers there was a screen of lyrics. I know that if I would have gone I would have been so mad that they weren’t actually singing. Not only are people there freezing but also they go there for the show to see people perform and see all the floats and the cool balloons. I would have been very disappointed.

Along with these performances, we had other celebrities pop up during the parade like Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Hyland, Adam Devine and Flula Forg. Each celebrity appeared on a float and was happy to see all the fans and supporters. If I was there I would have been so hay that they took time out of their thanksgiving day to come be in the parade. I know a lot of people were very happy about seeing some of their favorite celebrities in the parade. 

How could we forget about the balloons? There were some amazing balloons there like Spongbob made an appearance, Ronald McDonald, Snoopy, Papa Smurf, Diary From a Wimpy Kid, Chase (Paw Patrol), Smokey The Bear, Sonic the Hedgehog and more. I love seeing them and the fact they had some new ones and they looked amazing. I’m just glad none of them blew away.  I feel like they could have added more or maybe more known balloons. We should ditch the old ones and get more for the new characters or things being out out like we had Bluey and it was great for people to see new characters and not all the old ones we are used to. 

I think the parade was a success besides the performances from the singers. The dance performances were really good but come on we want to hear the people sing. I went and asked a couple students here at Tuscarora and asked how they felt about the parade. Alyssa Kimmel a freshman here at Tuscarora stated “I don’t like it because it looked fake, like it wasn’t as good as it usually is.”  It clearly wasn’t as joyful or filled with spirit like it is every other year. Student Collin  Rodriguez(Grade 10) added “I liked it, it was very entertaining!” Collin also said he loved the performances from all the singers and dancers. People this year have mixed reviews on the parade, the parade had a lot of other good things but the performances is what I would watch it for and I was very disappointed but the lip syncing. I know the people who went out in the cold to see these were also disappointed. They go there to see performances like in a concert, not a lip syncing performance.