The Creativity of Life

The Creativity of Life

Kelis Davis, Contributor

 Article/Newspaper: Kelis Davis 

                                    “Goonies Never Say Die” – Goonies ( The movie quote)

The Creativity of life is yet simple but intelligent in its own way, Like how nature moves and how the wind flows

So what is the creativity of life? It’s simply just moving forward and being patient with you and the nature around it, like gallons (horses) riding across the horizon with colors of red, yellow, and orange and the flow of the wind being patient, calm, and steady. Basically being free spirited

We are all here for a reason, any type of religion for when it comes it is steady like a drum rather what beats you like it goes with you and inspires you. For me it’s punk music. It inspires me to keep moving forward, for example : Twenty one Pilots and My Chemical Romance, etc. But not only music can help, journalism expresses your feelings or talking to your friends.   

Why do I do this? Well, perhaps it’s because I want to live the best of every day and fulfill every day like a cup of tea and a spoonful of honey which is sweet and pleasant just balanced. Numbers from 0 to 1 are infinite but there are more infinite numbers from 0 to million. (Hazel, The Fault in Our Stars)  

The meaning of this is basically about tragedy and death and romance but it shows that there are a million unique people and life just makes it so beautiful in life.   

There is a Thing called Nature vs. Nurture, a teacher told me that and basically means,that it can be a wild ride with the wind turning into tornadoes or it can be Nurture when there is a calm and settled road and close there is a family wrapping you in warm blankets with hugs and love or besides friends.

Think about your name when you search it up the meaning might surprise you.

So all in all, There really is Creativity in Life.