Why is the album of the year being so slept on?


Noah Willis, Contributor

After a what felt like forever 4 year absence with features here and there, on Aug. 26 2022, JID returned and did so with a bang. Not only did he drop his best album and make the 4 year wait worth it, but he dropped in my opinion the best album of 2022 that I don’t see getting topped at any point throughout this year.  Throughout this album, JID once again proves that he can do a bit of everything, whether it be rap fast, have the ability to change his cadence or even serenade the listeners with his spin on melodic blues. There really isn’t a genre of rap you can stick this album in due to it being incredibly diverse and different from its prequel “ The Never Story,” JID takes you on a wild ride where he mentions his personal life and upbringing, while also talking about the struggles of black America and how unlikely his success was supposed to be. 

Without a doubt, on the opening track of the 15 track album “Galaxy,” you can really feel that this album was going to be a masterpiece due to JID stepping out of his comfort zone and giving it more of a butterfly growing its wings and leaving its cocoon feel, it was refreshing to hear that he wasn’t shy to test his vocal range on the very first track. To add, the breadth of styles that JID was able to perform on this album is honestly very impressive and it gives a little something to everyone who likes a specific type of sound. While the first 6 songs on the album are at a faster pace from track 7 down JID decides to slow it down giving the listener the ability to take time and let the melodies and truly hear what he’s saying.

This album as a whole in my eyes is undoubtedly a 10/10 and is a must listen for anyone.