Are Aliens Real?

Are Aliens Real?

Soleil Rivera, contributor

If you were to ask anyone if life exists on other planets, the truth is that one would most likely say yes. In fact, I am actually one of those very people who would agree. There is no way that we are the only living organisms in the entire universe. It is clear that from UFO sightings to people describing their own encounters with alien probes that we are not alone.

Although extraterrestrial life has never been discovered, it does not mean its existence is void. Over the years, there have been many sightings of UFOs. Even the Pentagon released U.F.O. videos. According to Alan Yuhas in an article titled Pentagon Released U.F.O. Videos. Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Breakthrough, “The videos, captured by naval aviators, show objects hurtling through the sky, one rotating against the wind, and pilots can be heard expressing confusion and awe.” This article was published April 28, 2020, and to this day, no one has mentioned how the government has videos of unidentified flying objects.

In addition, there are some sources of ancient evidence that prove aliens do exist. For example, there were ancient hieroglyphics found on Mars. According to an article titled Ancient Aliens: Archaeological Evidence, “A recent NASA photo taken on planet Mars shows what looks like ancient hieroglyphics carved onto a rock. While we can’t be sure what the marks are at this point, it certainly has enthused Ancient Aliens believers, who claim this is yet more evidence that aliens and ancient peoples visited one another.” Even though it may be mere speculation, this shows that life beyond Earth certainly could exist.

I asked my fellow classmate, Jacob Brinkley, in Grade 10, if he thought aliens were real. Jacob’s response was, “I don’t know if they’re real, but I do believe that there is something more out there in the universe.” I totally agree with him that there is 100 percent more life beyond Earth.