THS Spirit Week

THS Spirit Week

Aubree Robey


(Picture from FCPS )


Here at Tuscarora High on the week of October 10-14, we have spirit week! A week meant for bringing students together and having school spirit. With that being said, collecting the opinions of students is a must. Listed below is the schedule for spirit week. 



Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Anything But A Backpack Day

Wednesday- Twin/Multiples Day  

Thursday- TV/Movie Cliche Day

Friday- Wear Your Class Colors Day


Monday started off strong. Many students showed up in their pj’s, some going all out.

Tuesday had fewer active participants, but the ones who did participate definitely didn’t disappoint. There were things ranging from simple tote bags to full on shopping carts. Very cool.

 Wednesday’s theme wasn’t one many enjoyed. But for the ones who did participate they also didn’t disappoint. 

Now Thursday was a confusing one. Some thought it was a good idea while others could care less. With that being said, many still participated.  

Friday surprised me. I saw people going all out in their class colors. I would say Friday was a success.

Tuscarora students slacked on the spirit days. Last year included Adam Sandler day and Soccer Moms vs. Barbeque Dads. Something that actually got the attention of students. There were pretty great ideas last year and a lot more participants. Although there were some great ideas and participants, it’s felt like a normal week. To see how others felt about the week, I asked Avery Neuman (Grade 10), what she thought. She stated, “This week I’ve noticed that we don’t have a lot of school spirit, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact the spirit days aren’t super unique. Alyssa kimmel (Grade 9) answered, “Spirit week is pretty lame.” Better ideas are the way to go. Hopefully next year we’ll have more school spirit.