A film-makers dream

A film-makers dream

Courtney Turner, Contributor

Attention local film-makers! The annual 72 Film Fest competition will be held from the 7th-8th at the Weinberg Center for the Arts to showcase talent throughout the Frederick area. An award ceremony will take place after Saturday night’s screenings.

But the fun doesn’t stop after the award ceremony, as a Friday or Saturday ticket also welcomes you to the After Party! Tickets will be available for purchase through the Downtown Frederick and The Weinberg Center website as well as the Weinberg Center Box Office.

Hosted by Mikael Johnson and Aura Manjarrez, the competition’s 17th year will feature a twist! Similar to year four, the theme will remain a secret until the Launch Party.

This is an amazing opportunity for students who are interested in film-making or purely just enjoy watching movies.

As stated in the Downtown Frederick website, “Over 600 films have been made throughout the years for the Fest, showcasing talent from across the region.”

Although the competition is directed towards aspiring film-makers, it can also double as a fun and interesting family outing. Perfect for a Friday night!

Afterwards, all films win or lose will be uploaded to 72fest.com. So even if you are unable to make it to the competition, there is still a chance to discover and appreciate local talent.

(Photo Creds Weinbergcenter.org)