Nepotism at its finest


There are children born each day and some are born into fortunate families, while others are not. One thing that isn’t talked about enough are nepotism babies. These are children of famous people, automatically born into the spotlight. They are expected to be famous and do great things. Some examples of nepotism babies are Maude Apatow, Maya Hawke, Dakota Johnson, Lily-Rose Depp and Jaden Smith. They are all born from celebrity families and are destined for greatness.

Nepotism babies have been given an unfair advantage to fame, whose opportunities could have been given to someone who has worked hard for their place in the spotlight.

Of course there is the argument that they are simply seizing an opportunity, however there has to be a point where you realize some people shouldn’t have certain jobs. For example, Lila Moss, the daughter of esteemed model Kate Moss, is clearly not fit for the runway. Her faltering walk and less than short height are the opposite of the grace and poise that is necessary to becoming a runway model. Nevertheless, she is still offered the opportunity to open shows at New York Fashion Week.

It is easy to admit that some nepotism babies just have a natural born talent. Like the Hadid’s and even the Smith’s. However it’s safe to say that they would not be where they are without the help of their famous parents. And should the talent of the less fortunate be overlooked just because of bad luck?