The Local Love Club’s Monthly Way of Giving Back


Grace Marshall, Contributor

On Thursday, Sep. 8, Tuscarora’s community service group “The Local Love Club” will drive into Downtown Frederick for their first event of the year. Once a month, they volunteer at the Frederick Rescue Mission- a nonprofit organization that houses recovering addicts. The club members cook them a nice homemade dinner in their kitchen!

As club advisor, English Teacher Mrs. Nickels organizes the event and uses her own money to buy ingredients. She chooses to do this because she “think[s] it is important for kids to feel empowered through their voices and the fact that they can contribute to their communities.” In other words, giving back is easier than people think! This is what the club is all about.

Once they arrive at the Rescue Mission, they put on aprons and hairnets and get to work. Each month has its own menu and its own theme! This past week it was sweet and simple, soup and salad. As the holidays approach though, each menu will get more and more festive. 

The men who are served are really grateful for the meal, and the best part of it all is that after cooking, the teens get to sit down and hear stories from them. It is extremely rewarding for them to help in their recovery in a small way.

The Frederick Rescue Mission changes lives through its serving program, its charity and its clothing donations. It serves as a great way to help people in need in this city, and a great opportunity for anyone to give back. We hope to see more things like this from the Local Love Club this year!