What is the Big Deal with the Wildcat at Hershey Park?

Kevin Lewis, Contributor

Hershey Park announced the closing date of their beloved roller coaster, Wildcat, and now that date has passed. It is safe to say everyone in the Hershey Park community believes¹ that it is not really the end for the coaster, and that we should be expecting something even better.

Both Rocky Mountain Construction and Hershey Park have teased that Wildcat will be getting what coaster enthusiasts call the “RMC treatment”. What is the RMC treatment? The RMC treatment is a big deal for coaster lovers, because it is fair to say coaster lovers seem to love RMC coasters (I have not met one coaster lover who does not like RMC coasters) Why, though? RMC takes terrible, rough, and non-enjoyable wooden coasters and gives them great layouts and “I-Box” track. They also make the “T-Rex” track although a coaster has not been made with it, and “Raptor” track used for coasters like “The Jersey Devil”, the tallest, fastest, and longest single rail coaster. It is safe to say that all coaster enthusiasts love them, including me, who rode an RMC hybrid coaster and a Raptor coaster, and loved it. If a new RMC opens near me, I’ll be nothing but happy.