Famed singer Adele cancels Vegas stint among Covid concerns


Grace Marshall, Writer

Renowned performer, Adele, has fans very upset with her after canceling her 2022 Las Vegas Residency-  a set of 24 concerts at the Caesars Palace Colosseum- on extremely short notice. Show-goers were informed of the cancellation a mere 24 hours before it was scheduled for the night of January 21. Most of these people had already flown into Nevada, having spent hundreds for these flights on top of the hotel rooms they booked. Not only were they unable to fulfill the reason for their trip, for now they also have to forego a full refund of this money spent. 


The singer went live on her Instagram account to make the announcement, and it was one full of tears. “We’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and COVID,” she sobbed. Half of Adele’s crew and team members are currently down with the virus. The rescheduled dates aren’t available at this time, and by the sound of her team’s circumstances, won’t be for a while yet, which further angered her fans. “I’m gutted. I’m sorry it’s so last-minute,” she continued, “I’m so upset and I’m really embarrassed and I’m so sorry to everyone that traveled.”


Ticketmaster is issuing refunds but Caesars Palace is not at this time. Because of this, fans are questioning if there is more going on than Adele claims. Die-hard fan Dawn Sinko emailed DailyMail.com to share her thoughts on the matter, saying she would understand “if it was a different hotel,” but Caesars was the home of the canceled event. Sinko also noted that she doesn’t buy that Adele could not bring in more crew members to at least put on a stripped down version of the show. Most fans, however, are understanding of the cancellation as it’s safe to say that people are used to COVID taking things from them by this point. The issue here still remains her lack of foresight prompting an exceptionally late announcement. While the apology is admirable, fans clearly need Adele to make this up to them.