Do it yourself: Tips for a home manicure


Cassidy Farmer, Yearbook Editor

A lot of people are tired of looking at their naked nails during this quarantine. If you miss going to the nail salon and getting your nails done, but don’t have any idea how to do them yourself, keep reading. Doing nails is something that takes time and gets easier with practice. If you have never done your own nails and are now trying to do them yourself, I’m sure you’ve realised how difficult it can be. With these tips and tricks, people will be asking you how you got your nails done! 


I have been doing my own nails every two weeks for as long as I can remember. People always ask me how I do them and are shocked when I tell them I do them myself. My biggest tip is to shape your nails! It doesn’t matter how short your nails are, you can always shape them. All you need is a nail file and a shape in mind. Personally, I like a square shape for shorter nails and a rounded shape for long nails. Shape is more noticeable than length, so if you break one nail, you don’t have to cut them all off. If you make them all the same shape, nobody will notice one is shorter than the rest. 


If you have trouble growing your nails out or keeping them strong, I can help you out there too. Growing your nails out can be frustrating especially if they are weak and keep breaking. You can get a nail strengthener to help the process or you can just stop bothering them. They will break at some point, but like I said before, you do not need to cut them all off just because one is short. Fake nails are also an option and a quick way to get long nails. You can buy clear or painted nails on amazon that you just glue on which can be damaging to your nails, but it is a quick fix if you need nails quickly.

Actually painting my nails is the quickest step when I do my nails which surprises most people. If you spend time creating a nice base by making a strong shaped nail, you will see a difference. You can find designs on pinterest for inspiration or look on youtube for easy tutorials using only toothpicks or bobby pins. Adding a good quality top coat onto the polish makes a huge difference and I highly recommend putting your money into a nice top coat rather than the regular polish. Also, remember you can always fix your mistakes! If you smudge your polish, wet your finger and push it back into place. If you get polish on your skin, use a q-tip and remover to get it off. A lot of people complain about the dry time and not being able to use their hands while their nails are drying. First, there is a way to dry nails quickly! Just soak them in ice water for a couple mins and you should be good to go. Second, once you paint your nails for long enough, you learn how to do what you need with wet nails. Good luck painting your nails! It is a skill that could save you a lot of money!