Student of the Week: Nathan Neubauer


Nathan Neubauer, a freshman, is the Virtual Student of the Week.  Nathan has found success in “waking up early to work on Schoology before the system crashes.  I stay focused and don’t eat breakfast until I finish all my work for the day.”  This approach is working for Nathan who is maintaining his straight A goal for the year.  Nathan is nominated by Mr. Jensen, a Social Studies teacher, who said, “Nathan is always one of the first to log on and finish his work.  His work is always well thought out and complete.”  Nathan sets the bar high for himself since he plans to attend college with an eventual career in sports broadcasting, teaching, or managing a golf course.   


Before the pandemic, Nathan took part in three sports with Tuscarora High.  He is on the JV baseball team, golf team, and bocce team.  Additionally he is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  To fill his time now, Nathan enjoys time with his eleven-year-old brother and four-year-old sister.  He also keeps busy with baseball video games, the television series The Office, Chicago PD, and the ESPN channel.  Nathan also uses his time to help his grandfather by cutting the grass.  Nathan looks forward to resuming his sports activities when the pandemic ends.