Music Review: You Should be Sad


Victoria Uhl, Writer

When it comes to music I am usually an early 2000s kind of girl, but I still like listening to the new music that comes out.  One of these new songs was “You Should be Sad” by Halsey.  Halsey is an alternative and indie artist who tends to take a lot of inspiration from pop while having the limits of being mainstream.  She has been shown to touch on dark  themes, like inner demons, in her music, while still keeping a fast pace, unlike pop ballots.

“You Should be Sad” in particular is was no exception.  This was put out by Halsey in 2020 in her album Manic. This song  is about getting out of and over a toxic relationship.  Halsey describes a man that is narcissistic and harmful to be around.   The tome, on the other hand, is happy and upbeat.  This is meant to show Halsey is happy to be out of the relationship.

The only problem I have with this song is one of the beats that she uses.  “You Should be Sad” uses a combination of acoustic guitar and syncopated beats.  Unfortunately, one of these beats — the one at the beginning of the re-frame can take away from the lyrics.  The layering of voices cans also make it hard to understand. Also this song has cuss words in it, so listen if you feel comfortable.

Over all, I give the song 3 out of 5 stars.  It was fun to listen to.  Even though it had its faults, I would still suggest listening if you like listening to lyrics or a combination of acoustic and electric.  Enjoy!!