Humanities Giving Back Pt. 1


Victoria Uhl

Humanities 1st block creating blankets to give to the poor

Victoria Uhl, Writer

Victoria Uhl
Humanities 1st block creating blankets to give to the needy

One of the many electives that you can take at Tuscarora is Humanities.  Taught by Mrs. Nickles, Humanities is the study of culture, religion, history, and morality; it is about what makes us human.  What better way to study human than by helping other humans?  This is why Mrs. Nickles’ 1st and 3rd blocks are looking to give back to the community this holiday season.

Her 1st block, in particular, will be going out on December 6 to give out handmade blankets and donated winter gear to the poor.  They are asking around for coats, gloves, sweaters, shoes, jackets, and hats. They will be taking donations in B201 till Friday, December 6. The tag #TITANSCARE is being used to promote the event on social media – especially on twitter.

The great thing about this event will be the effect it will have on the community.  For Example, let’s look at the hopes of Joe Cole – who runs the Humanities twitter handle — a and Julia King – who is one of the most outgoing people in the 1st block.

Julia: I hope that, um, people look at the handout downtown, ‘s like, people who are taking them see what we are doing it and they go like “I have this, uh, jacket that I’m not using maybe I can leave it out, like cause we’re leaving it around, tying it around, so.

Joe: or maybe people will be inspired by this and do more good.  Seeing that if teens can organize something like this, or do something like this, then maybe we can, uh maybe we’ll inspire other people.

In the end the only way to accomplish this is through donations; help the Humanities students and make a difference.