Sports Spotlight: Unified Bocce


Steven Asare, Sports Writer

This week’s Sports Spotlight is the Tuscarora Titans Bocce team. They finished with a (1-3) record. 

The THS Bocce team recently finished their season coming in 7th at their regional tournament. The Bocce team worked to create friendships a bond with people who otherwise may not meet or be able to build the bond that type of bond athletes gain through playing on a team together. The team is made up of people with and without special needs, they pair up and the ultimate goal is to build a friendship and , of-course, to win. The athletes on this team have people from all different types of fall or winter sports including football and lacrosse players. “I keep on focusing, aim for the goal and hang with my friends” said Cameron Downs

Bocce is traditionally played in courts of natural soil and asphalt that are 91 feet in length and 13 feet in width. The teams decide who gets to throw a ball called the jack by a coin toss. The jack is the ball that the teams try to get theirs close to. There is a zone in which the jack must be thrown into. If the initial thrower cannot put the jack in this zone with two throws, the opposing team is allowed to place the jack wherever they want. The points come from the two closest balls to the jack and if you land one that is touching it you get a bonus point.

The Unified Bocce team is accepting anyone who’d like to join the team and who is a good teammate.