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Steven Asare, Sports Writer

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This Weeks sports spotlight is the Titans Varsity Soccer team. With the team undefeated in the pre-season the team has gotten off to a rough start with a record of (3-5-1). Currently the Titans are on a 4 game losing streak. They now face a not so great Brunswick team whose record is 3-4. This will be huge test to see if the titans can strive to turn things around and fight for a better record.

Senior captain Josh Helfand said “the season started good but has recently been down”.

The Titans soccer team has faced a lot of injury trouble during this season but head coach Todd Knepper is remaining optimistic “we have a ton of potential” he said. Unlike some other fall sports like Football every team makes it to the playoffs regardless of their record, so the titans are “looking to make a playoff run” said Knepper.  Knepper also said that they are still trying to find out who should get the most playing time.


Senior Midfielder Lucas Arce “It’s going to be hard in the playoffs but if we work together as a team we can produce”

Currently the Titans are sitting in last place for the region. They are the 23rd in the class 3a standings out of 25 teams. Their region record is (1-3-1) with that win being against Frederick a team they likely may face in the playoffs. The Titans have a total of 13 goals for them and 12 goals against them. While it has been a rough season so far, the Boys Soccer team is confident that they can still make good run once the play-offs start.

Go Titans!

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