Handy travel tips for the soon to be summer travel season!


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

As summer quickly approachies, vacation is right around the corner. With a million things still going on at school and the final push for summer break still in front of us, it’s reasonable that preparing for vacation is the least of your worries. There are just some things that come first, and frankly excursions are not one of them. But, while it may seem like the year will never end, it most certainly will and before you know it, many Titans will be embarking on vacations with family or friends. But before you fail to pack light, and before you forget your charger at home, read these ten simple tips that are a must for every vacation.

  1. Always be ready for rain. Check the weather report and assume the worst. A rain jacket may be a burden to carry along, but I promise it will be much appreciated when you’re walking miles, touring a place you’ve never been.
  2. Layer for the plane. Comfortable weather is a hit or miss, especially when jamming hundreds of people into an aircraft. If you have a t-shirt under a sweatshirt and it gets too hot, you can take the sweatshirt off. If you carry-on a jacket and it gets too cold, you can always wear it, or even use it as a blanket.
  3. Be ready to break from your electronics and shoes for airport security. The less jewelry you’re wearing, and the less electronics you bring along, the easier it’ll be to separate from your prize possessions in a quick manner. Plus, it makes it easier on everyone if you’re not that person who uses 4 bins for your stuff alone.
  4. Never forget sunglasses. There are some things you couldn’t live without while away, like medicines or contacts, but people often forget the little things- like a pair of sunglasses. It could be 30 degrees, but if the sun is shining and reflecting off of skyscrapers in the city, or the water in a nearby lake, you’re going to need them!
  5. Download movies/music prior to your long car ride or flight. It’s always nice to give yourself options for when you’re without wifi… you’ll thank me later.
  6. Get familiar with the public transportation. Sure, if you drive there it won’t be necessary, but often people need to resort to the bus or metro system in a new place. It’ll definitely save money from taking taxis and ubering.
  7. If there isn’t public transportation, uber pool is an option. Always use uber pool, rather than uberX, if you’re not in a rush because it saves money while still getting you to where you need to go. (If you need to get somewhere by a certain time and didn’t leave much leeway, uberX is your best bet since the driver won’t stop for anyone else on the way.)
  8. Use hotel amenities to your advantage. Obviously if you’re visiting family this doesn’t apply and you shouldn’t finish their last carton of milk, but if you’re staying in a hotel, the tea and coffee is often complimentary, so drink it up! The mini shampoos and conditioners- take them home!
  9. Yelp and TripAdvisor are your best friends. Reviews are the best way to find quality restaurants and activities to do, as well as the best way to know what to avoid in a new place.
  10. With that being said, try to avoid chain restaurants. Unless it’s something not around here, be open to trying what the town is known for. For example, peach dishes in Georgia or a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. You only travel every so often, take in the opportunities. You heard me, no McDonalds!
  11. Lastly, have fun! So much planning goes into travel and it’s easy to get lost in it all, but some days it’s nice to ditch the itinerary and just explore your surroundings. Appreciate the scenery and take every experience in.