Tuscarora Recycles!


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

Ever wonder what happens after that last piece of gum “accidentally” ends up in the recycling, instead of the trashcan? The blue bins in each classroom make their way to the recycling dumpster and the trash to the trash dumpster, but they don’t do it on their own. That piece of gum has to be taken out by the custodial staff, making sure it finds its proper home. With their help, the trash and recycling are sent to waste management and the recycling plant right here in Frederick. Regardless, it’s crucial for the environment that recycling habits are practiced out of school too.

Chemistry teacher Ms. Geerlings agrees that all recycling takes is mindful efforts and recognizing that trash and recyclables go in different places. However, she took matters into her own hands. With word of the trash and recycling all being disposed the same way, Ms. Geerlings decided to take the recycled bin home with her everyday, preventing the landfill from filling with bottles and cans. If Titans could all pitch in by limiting the amount of trash they misplace and properly recycling, a great amount of change will come from it and make for a better world.

After speaking with Justin from the custodial team, he verified that the recycling plant and dumpster are, in fact, different operations. He predicts that only half of Titans actually recycle in the building. Although he says their separation process is manageable, recycling is easy and should not be overlooked. It’s only paper, plastic, and cans after all. “Practice starts at home. Just have your parents help you and be conscious of your environment,” Justin advises Tuscarora. It’s simple!