New SAT Mandate


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

Attention Junior Class! For the first time ever, College Board is administering a free SAT during the normal school day. The test is Wednesday, March 7, and was enacted to provide students with an opportunity to not only test in their home school, but determine if they are college and career ready.

Juniors, there are a number of benefits to taking this test. For one, it’s required- but you’ll be testing in a familiar environment and on a school day, rather than a Saturday, so you won’t need to plan different means of transportation. At the state and district level, the benefits of a closed testing environment and better progress measurement weighed in on the new initiative too, proving that this test creates easier access for teachers to track student progress and identify areas of trouble.

FCPS research showed that with the SAT Exam, students perform better on the new version than they do on PARCC, ACT or the Accuplacer exams. In other words, what used to be a cumulative test time of ten hours for different subject testing is now only three hours for one standardized test. Keith Oswald, Chief Academic Officer of College Board in Palm Beach County, Florida, says “[they] wanted to build college aspirations in all of our students. And sometimes students just don’t think they have it to go to college. Just taking that test can really change their life.”

For more preparation, is an organization sponsored by college board and provides you with the tools needed to practice and test career and college readiness for free. With all the opportunities being awarded to you, any path is feasible, whether that be a four year university, community college, or a career choice. Don’t forget to study up and get ready to work towards anything you aspire.