Restaurant Review: Tastee Titan’s Cafe


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

This week, Caleb Spencer and I went to the Tastee Titan’s Cafe for lunch. Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised by the hosts and hostesses who greeted us almost immediately. We were excited to sit down, where we immediately noticed decorative place mats and enjoyed the delicious aroma that permeated this quaint cafe. The options on the menu seemed to suit almost every craving. If you’re feeling Mexican food, the taco salad makes for a great entree, or a classic Italian hoagie if you’re in the mood for Italian.

Apparently, Tastee Titans is all the rage considering the great reviews from Titan staff members who were patronizing the establishment. We asked some of the kitchen staff and waiters how they feel about the cafe. Rebecca, a hostess, says her favorite part is waiting on people and taking orders. Devin enjoys working with friends. Odin, however, likes the delivery aspect of it.

Ultimately, my favorite part of the dining experience was the originality. I’ve never been to a cafe quite like the Tastee Titan Cafe. The personable staff made Caleb and I feel as if we were the only patrons and paid great attention to the smallest details of our dining experience.  If I had to pick one thing they could improve it would have been nice to have some background music to go along with our dining experience. I would not only go back to the Tastee’s Titan Cafe, but I would bring my friends and family too. Both convenient and close-by, and well priced while still getting both a filling lunch and dessert. If you have time, definitely check out this affordable and delicious eatery and be sure to bring your appetite! All in all, we both agreed that the Tastee Titans cafe earned a solid five out of five stars!