Shocktober Haunted Attraction


Mia Egerman, Editor in Chief

This weekend, to get in the Halloween spirit, I went to a haunted house in Leesburg, Virginia. My friends and I first arrived to Shocktober and were underwhelmed by the outside appearance. It reminded me of the Fall Festivals my Elementary School used to host, annually- but we were in for a treat. First, we went into the house, Paxton Manor. As someone who doesn’t scare easily, I had a few moments of genuine fear. My own level of terror may have paled compared to the 12 year old boys who remained petrified throughout the whole walk, but they definitely added to the fun of the experience.

The next attraction was a basement called the Carnival of Souls. The scares varied from those of the House because it had a stronger theme. I was more scared of the clowns in the basement, than the previous “family members” in the house because as characters they’re harder to relate to than just possessed people. Throughout the attractions, the staff welcomed everyone with pure excitement of the turn-out. They reminded us the rules; no touching the actors, no pictures inside the attractions, what to say if you need to leave, etc… but each time we’d enter somewhere new, they’d enforce the charity behind the cause.

“Every Scare Counts at Shocktober” the volunteers tell us as we trail in front of the long line to enter our fate. Shocktober opens to serve as a fundraiser for The Arc of Loudoun at Paxton Campus, “a full-service organization with multiple programs and services that together provide an integrated and innovative environment for people with disabilities from childhood through adulthood.” Shocktober and The Arc’s shared non-profitable mission is to create opportunity for children and families with disabilities so they can thrive in the Leesburg community. Personally, I felt that the morality behind the attraction made me feel even more determined to make the 35 minute drive to Virginia. It may not be the closest destination for your frightening field trips, but Shocktober is definitely fun and it supports a great cause.


Welcome to The Arc of Loudoun at Paxton Campus