Say Hello to Mr. Berry!


Mia Egerman, Editor

Titan nation welcomes Mr. Berry as the new principal of Tuscarora this year. Mr. Berry, a graduate of Bethany college, has spent the majority of his career working at Blake High School in Mongtomery County. Mr. Berry worked in several different capacities during his time at Blake High school which eventually lead him to the Principal position there. Mr. Berry brings a pragmatic and deliberate approach to his leadership here at THS. Among other things, Mr. Berry says he wants to know the ‘Tuscarora story’, to really dig down into who we are as a school and as a community. He says he can already see the devotion we have as Titans, but plans to work collaboratively to figure out how we can promote pride. “We have good stuff going on here and I want to hear what the students have to say about it,” Mr. Berry expressed during  his interview.

From interviewing Mr. Berry, I learned he views challenges not as obstacles but as plans and questions. Although unfamiliar with the Titan Way, our principal’s main focus starting out, is to really put his finger on the pulse of THS, to figure out what our community wants and needs and to do his best to see that our needs are met. So far, he’s noticed how strong of a voice our students have in and out of the building. Whether it’s academics and stage performances, or drum lines and soccer goals, Mr. Berry sees opportunity in every corner of our building and is extremely excited to be a part of it.

When asked what he’s looking forward to most, Mr. Berry simply replied, “tradition.” There may be a lot going on this fall, but something that never waivers are our values as a community. With that team approach, Mr. Berry will no doubt stand for us, stand with us and together we will all help to write another chapter in the THS story of tradition, pride, and excellence. 

So, when you see our new principal in the hallway, give him a warm Titan welcome!