Get Out!


Get Out is the most talked about movie of 2017, so far. The movie takes a comedic approach to the issue of racism in modern society. The basic premise of Get Out revolves around an interracial couple, Chris and Rose. Rose (Allison Williams) takes Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) home to introduce him to her white picket fence life. Rod (Lil Rel Howery), Chris’s best friend, helps add the element of comedy to Get Out. He tries to convince his friend not to venture to the suburbs, but Chris goes against his advice. Although Chris feels hesitant about meeting his girlfriend’s family, Rose reassures him that her parents’ will feel indifferent about his race. Everything seems well, but the African American servants foreshadow the underlying theme of white superiority throughout Chris’s stay. On top of the bizarre behaviors of the groundskeeper and housekeeper, Rose’s mother hypnotizes Chris, adding to his feeling of uneasiness. He first realizes something is wrong when he recognizes a white woman’s black husband, who is now a seemingly different person. Chris attempts to take a picture of the husband Logan (Keith Stanfield), who responds spastically to the camera flash and screams, “Get out”. The audience can make the connection that “Logan”, who is actually Andre, is the man kidnapped in the opening scene of the movie. Get Out takes a psychotic turn while rummaging through Rose’s closet, Chris finds a collection of photos of her with past African American partners. This comes as a surprise to Chris, who thought he was the first black man Rose was ever with. The family’s true intentions are revealed when they refuse to let him leave and knock him unconscious, He wakes up in the basement, restrained to a chair that sits in front of a TV. The TV plays a video explaining that he was auctioned off for his body. The suitors brain would be implanted in Chris’s head to live with the benefits of Chris’s body. The Armitage family’s racist views stem from the grandfathers olympic loss to Jesse Owens, a black track and field star. They believe African Americans have a physical advantage yet, aren’t worthy. Chris learns that both the servants are hypnotized and the brains of Rose’s grandmother and grandfather were implanted in them. Before the implantation, he escapes by attacking Rose’s brother, Jeremy (Caleb Jones). Rod, sensing his friend is in danger, comes to the rescue and saves Chris.

Overall, we really enjoyed this movie. It encompassed a lot of genres while sticking to one theme. There was never a dull moment but the plot remained easy to follow. As a rating, we would give Get Out a 9.5/10. If you’re looking for a good movie suggestion, go see Get Out!