Restaurant Review: Bonchon


Cloe Hartley , Marissa Pycha , and Mia Egerman

Bonchon is a unique marriage between Korean delicacy and American classics. Located in Frederick Square near Wegmans, Bonchon is a casual chain restaurant on the rise. They offer a variety of Korean cuisine but fried chicken is their specialty, serving as either soy garlic or a spicier flavor.

     Bonchon is most known for their chicken, which comes as drumsticks, wings, or strips. In our experience, this signature dish was very tasteful, but the rest of the menu lacked that same wow factor. If you’re craving Asian food, the restaurant has unfamiliar and enticing dishes. Yet, to satisfy the picky-eaters, they offer various American comforts. So, if you are feeling adventurous, you can try the Bulgogi, or if adventure isn’t really your style, order up some sliders and french fries. We were impressed with the options provided to us but it was evident they focused mostly on perfecting their fried chicken. Excluding the chicken, our meals were not as exceptional as the menu made them out to be.


     As far as the service goes, the waiters were attentive. Our food arrived shortly after we ordered it and the staff was very polite. If dining in doesn’t fit your schedule, Bonchon conveniently offers carry-out. But, if you do want a sit down meal, then the restaurant has a bar area and TV’s throughout. All in all, there were no complaints regarding the service.

     Bonchon doesn’t stand out among other restaurants, but because of their trademark chicken, if we were in the area we would go back. There were mixed emotions about the food, but overall, we would recommend this to a friend.