Undefeated? No longer.

Kallin Hughes, Becca Via, and Eric Sullivan

The no longer undefeated Linganore Lancers fell to the Tuscarora Titans last night in a tight game that ended in a 54-49 final. Rhashad Johnson the starting point guard for the Titans led the team with fifteen points and eight assists, his ability to spread the court and feed his teammates the ball was a huge factor in the win that ended in giving the Lancers their first defeat of the season. Jaylen Washington for the Titans also played a key role both offensively and deffensivley on the court. Washington help commint two turnovers that ended in easy layups for the Titans, he finished with ten points and six rebounds. Linganore’s Thomas Lang had fourteen points, as he was tightly guarded by Tuscarora’s Demetrius Anderson.

From the start of the game Anderson was on Lang, a move that really helped shut down the Lancers attacking offense. When Rhashad was asked about the teams victory over Linganore he was very happy, “it was a huge and must needed win for our team”. He went on to say, “we as a team still aren’t satisfied, we still have more to prove if we want to make it to Comcast”.

Not only was the win against Linganore filled with excitment, but it was also the teams’ motivation to keep working hard as one. “Working as a team is one of the most important parts of playing the game” said Anderson. The titans believe that they can go far and get to comcast, but they also know that they need to work hard and not give up! Currently standing at 12-2, the Titans play with positivity and confidence, and hope to finish the season strong with a run at Comcast.

With the Titans win over Linganore, it puts them into high consideration as one of the best teams in the county. Linganore is one of Tuscaroras more considerable oppenets when it comes to pretty much any sport. However, being able to defend someone as explosive as Thomas Lang was a huge acheivment considering that most teams are unable to do so. On Thursday February 4th, Titans will travel to Frederick High School for another tough game against the Frederick Cadets. With a team full of seniors, the titans should be well fit to make a deep playoff run. Making it deep into the playoffs or even to comcast, would be a great way to send the veteran team off into the sunset.