Restaurant Review: Cafe Rio

Restaurant Review: Cafe Rio

Mia Egerman, Marissa Pycha, and Cloe Hartley

Cafe Rio is a Mexican grill established in 1997. It’s located in Westview near another reviewed restaurant, Sushi Densha. Their menu ranges from salads, to tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, tostadas, soups, desserts, and more. They offer much variety in each of these departments. For example, tortillas come as either flour, wheat or corn. As for the specific Mexican flavors they stand for, Cafe Rio also provides for those with a cooler palette, like their mild to medium sauces.

Cafe Rio is a chain across the country, serving ten other states besides Maryland. Their interactive website provides you with daily specials specific to your local Cafe, as well as the ability to order your food online. Once you go to pick up your meal, as early as twenty minutes since it was placed, you’ll automatically feel transported to Mexico. Their colorful decor and Mexican theme make for a very real experience of the south.

Cafe Rio is always an easy choice since it’s so conveniently located. However with Chipotle right around the corner, Cafe Rio seems to be struggling to get people in the door. The food we ordered was pretty tasty for what it was. Unfortunately, one of the three restaurant reviewers on this particular assignment felt violently ill not long after eating her meal and actually had to miss a day of school. Now, as journalists, we can’t say for sure that the Cafe Rio food was to blame for the stomach sickness, but, the fact remains, when we eat at a restaurant and then one of us winds up super sick, we can’t in good conscience recommend that our fellow Titans risk their  own health. 

As such, we have no choice but to give a big thumbs down to Cafe 4321