Restaurant Review: Pie Five Pizza Co.

Restaurant Review: Pie Five Pizza Co.

Mia Egerman, Cloe Hartley, and Marissa Pycha

new image 4          Pie Five is a new pizza restaurant in Walkersville with an innovative concept. Instead of being forced to decide which pizza is for you, Pie Five has the option of creating your own personal pizza. However,the menu still provides their classics for the non-do it yourselfers. So Pie Five appeals to people who crave originality as well as the people who prefer to keep it simple.      

          Pie Five uses only the freshest of ingredients. Their all natural preservative-free marinara sauce and hand cut vegetables ensure your pizza will taste fresh. If you’re not sure which crust would best suit your pie, they recommend an option for each one. They also have custom pizzas that are specific to major cities. For example, the “Windy City Works” is exclusive to Chicago. Pizza doesn’t appeal to you? Don’t worry, pie five has a variety of salads as well.

          If you’re looking for some suggestions- here’s what we ate! The alfredo sauce on the Pesto Chicken Alfredo pizza was delicious. We also tried the Chicken Carbonara which is a great choice for mushroom lovers. However, an easy alternative is to leave the mushrooms off if the other toppings sound sufficient on their own. For dessert we had the chocolate chip cookie pies and they were so good that we had to go back for seconds.     

          Pie Five’s contemporary interior is just as appealing as the pizza. The staff was attentive. By the time you got your drink, they had your pizza waiting for you. As far as pricing, it’s appropriate. A personal pizza is under 10 dollars and worth every penny.

          Pie Five has been our favorite review to date! We only have positive things to say about the quality of it. However, because we live on the other side of town, going to Pie Five is inconvenient as it is located in a high traffic area. It may be too casual to travel to Walkersville for but if you’re in the area, definitely consider stopping newnew image 9