Could Karim Benzema return for the World Cup Final?


Noah Willis, Contributor

France has managed to reach the finale of the World Cup for a second straight time, this time like the last was without star player Karim Benzema. Previously, Benzema didn’t play in their 2018 quest for gold due to a sextape scandal with then France teammate Mathieu Valbuena, but this time the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner came down with a thigh injury on the eve of the World Cup tournament. Over the past month Benzema has taken time to recover from this thigh issue and has even managed to get the green light to play this Sunday in the finale against Argentina, but rumors have been speculating that Benzema himself has declined to take part in the spectacle in any way. Reports have come out that Benzema is indeed good to go and is already back training with his Real Madrid team and at first the team was concerned about him getting injured right before the season but have since given him the ok to play. France is on a roll right now and the argument could be made that they don’t need the help of Benzema to take down Argentina led by all time great Lionel Messi, Benzema is still on the France roster after they chose not to pick someone to replace so anything can happen. If Benzema does choose to play for France in the finals it will only add to making it one for the ages.