Shop Zebop


Sara Geitner, Contributor

The small business of Zebop, located in Frederick, Maryland, is a unique Frederick experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Their distinctive Boho style of clothing and accessories create this one-of-a-kind shop. Their shop provides everything from accessories, to shoes, to articles of clothing to miscellaneous items such as tapestries, incense, journals, baby clothes, pins and even more.

The slogan of their shop, “fun, funky fashion and gifts” holds true with their wide variety of never seen before items. Located on 9 S Market St, this store is in the heart of Downtown Frederick and it perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of the small, historic and diverse town. Their item selection changes often, keeping frequent customers engaged and curious as to what new items they will carry each visit. 

With only three locations worldwide, this clothing boutique is exclusive to very few people, and the people of Frederick are fortunate enough to be one of them. The access to this unique fashion gives the population a chance to express themselves in new and innovative ways. 

Established in 1992, this store has been a staple of the Frederick community for years. Many shoppers vouch for their appreciation of the store. Community member and frequent Zebop shopper Diana Robertson says that she continues to return to the boutique because she “loves the environment as well as the great employees always being so kind and helpful.” 

The welcoming environment and large selection led to its google review of 4.8 stars across from all 34 reviews. They continue to spread the word about their business through their large social media presence which includes their Instagram (@zebopfrederick) with 817 followers, their Facebook (Zebop) with 1707 likes and 1758 followers and their newly created TikTok (@zebopshopbeeboobop) with 13 followers, 1467 views and 47 likes. 

This small business represents the distinctive and special home of Frederick, MD. As they continue to grow and expand, their loyal customers will continue to support them through every new shop opened, new products sold and new customers gained. By supporting this small business, the community as a whole will benefit through the taxes that go back to Frederick city, the reduction of the carbon footprint, the opening of new jobs in the community and the nurturing of innovative ideas for future business owners. Zebop perfectly encapsulates the small community of Frederick and by shopping small, everyone can continue to support their town.