Homecoming At Tuscarora


Courtney Turner

It has come to the time that just about every high school student looks forward to: homecoming season! Spirit days, powderpuff games, and the pep rally help manufacture the perfect high school experience for everyone involved. The activity filled week is only a build up to the exciting night planned!

 Different from last year’s Hollywood theme, A Starry Night provides exactly what it entails, a night under the stars! And $20 tickets seems like nothing when you consider the lifelong memories you will make with friends. Aside from the actual dance, getting ready and going out to dinner with all of your favorite people can create core memories that you can look back on for years to come.

Ruby Reardon (Grade 10) who will attend her second Tuscarora homecoming this Saturday explains, “I want to go to homecoming because I like to see what everyone is wearing, enjoy listening to music and being with my friends!” And she is exactly right! This year students had the opportunity to request songs to be played at the dance, so everyone gets to hear something they like! This also gives students a chance to discover music that they would have never heard on their own.

The amazing thing about homecoming is that it’s annual! So even if you can’t make it one year for whatever reason, you still have three other years to make an appearance. For example, Allison Wallin (Grade 10) declares, “I haven’t been to homecoming at Tuscarora yet, but maybe in the future I will go!”

All of the stress that comes with homecoming preparation immediately turns into excitement the second you walk into the unrecognizable cafeteria. Visions of scrambling to find a dress or a tux, seemingly become distant memories as you are surrounded by the people you care about. Homecoming creates an in school experience that is purely about having fun, enjoying yourself, and being a part of a community. There will be plenty of days to sit at home and do nothing, but for now, enjoy homecoming Tuscarora students!