The Baltimore Ravens: Where are they going?


Cecelia Zombro, Editor in Chief

Calling all Baltimore Raven fans! Some of the team’s enthusiasts are scratching their heads, unsure about what to expect from this loved team. Should fans start crossing their fingers? What can we expect from players this season? The answers and updates are here, so buckle up!

The first spring of hope for both the team and their fans was the preseason winning streak record being broken. The record was previously held by the Green Bay Packers from 1958-1962 who won 19 consecutive preseason games in a row. The Baltimore Ravens extended and beat that streak now at 23 games.

Even though this was a great start to the season for the Ravens, their luck began to run out. Currently, the Baltimore Ravens have a rank of 2-2. The surprising thing about this is that the two wins were away games and the two loses were home games. This isn’t common in most cases. The Lineup documents that 55% to 60% of NFL games are won at home stadiums and typically give the team advantages for different reasons.

To make matters worse and add more controversy, Lamar Jackson turned down the Baltimore Ravens’ contract extension that was worth an estimated amount of $250 million. Will this build more tension? What can we expect from Lamar next season? There is no doubt that this year will be a nail-biter, but the Ravens’ devoted fans will keep cheering and supporting this loved NFL team!