Why is Tua still playing?


Noah Willis, Contributor

With 5:57 left to go in the second quarter Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa dropped back to pass when he would be sacked by Josh Tupou. Little did Tua know that sack might’ve just ended his NFL career.

To no fault of his own Tupou did what he was supposed to do as a defensive linemen and sack the quarterback, but he came in with so much velocity that Tua ended up swinging around and his head swung back and was the first thing that hit the turf. This led to Tua’s fingers being stuck while he was unresponsive to everything around him. The stretcher was brought out, and he was stretchered off immediately, leaving his teammates and the opposing Cincinnati Bengals stunned.

Before this game, Tua took a hard hit against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday where he was seen to get up and stumble leading him to fall back down. This led many to believe he had a concussion and would miss the rest of the game, but to the surprise of many he would come back out and lead them to a win against Buffalo.

The NFL would lead an investigation to see if the Dolphins followed standard concussion protocols in which they found nothing suspicious, while many still believe he did in fact have a concussion and should not have played this game. With this injury now it makes people wonder if he indeed did have a concussion and now it may have been made worse. This will now force the NFL to dig even deeper and investigate what’s really going on in the Miami Dolphins organization.