El Toro Derailed… Again, Coaster Closed Indefinitely.


Kevin Lewis, Contributor

On August 25, El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure suffered an unknown malfunction near the end of the ride. Fourteen guests had minor injuries. Will the coaster loved by many ever open back up?

The coaster opened to the public on June 11, 2006, Intiman subcontracted Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) to build the ride. Many consider the coaster to be the greatest wooden coaster in the history of coasters. We do not know when the coaster will open back up. The coaster has malfunctioned for the second time since its opening, the first time it malfunctioned, a partial derailment closed the coaster for more than 6 months (and was closed when I went there). A new incident occurred causing minor injuries like back pain and headaches because of a “pothole” that the park management supposedly knew about. The coaster is under investigation by engineers, maintenance professionals, 3rd party independent safety inspectors, and the state of N.J. Let us hope the coaster will return soon, so El Toro can deliver more thrills.