The tragedy of Hurricane Ian


Noah Willis, Contributor

On September 19, 2022, what was thought to just be a tropical wave on the east of the Windward Islands, would later turn into one of the most devastating hurricanes in the history of Florida. As of Thursday, the death toll is set at 15 with Hurricane Ian showing no mercy leaving thousands of people awaiting rescue due to there being flooded homes and areas. President Joe Biden has even said that Ian “could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida history,” which is a scary thing to hear. Ian is currently moving off the east coast of Florida and is heading north looking to approach the Carolinas. According to the National Hurricane Center’s advisory, Ian has sustained winds up to 85 MPH located near the southeastern part of Charleston, S.C, This hurricane is “ going to be a storm we talk about for years to come,” according to Ken Graham(director of the National Weather Service) which is very unfortunate to hear. Florida has gotten the brunt of the attack by Ian with residents in cities like Kissimmee and New Smyrna Beach sharing videos of major streets being flooded; areas of South Florida have received nearly 10 inches of rain over the past 3 days due to the impact of Ian with Broward being hit the hardest. While there are no potential signs of this hurricane slowing down anytime soon, we must continue to pray for the people of Florida and everyone who has been impacted by this dreadful hurricane.