Are Roller Coasters Safe?


Kevin Lewis, Contrubiter

Roller Coasters are famous for their high speeds, high drops, and inversions, it doesn’t come as a shock that people are afraid of them, but there is no reason to be. Roller coasters are not dangerous, here is why, this is just some of the things that make Roller Coasters safe.



When a train goes up the lift hill, if an error is detected and the train stops, or if the train stops for any reason the train will not rollback into the station because of a system called anti-rollback, when you hear the clicks on a lift hill, that is what that means.

Block zones






A train can be stopped at any of the block zones if an error is detected or to prevent collisions.


Restraints often have two mechanisms, in the extremely unlikely situation where one fails, there is another. Also accompanying this on some rides is a seat belt, so riders feel safe.


Before the train can dispatch, the operator has to check all the seats to make sure that they are locked, and if they do and the restraints aren’t all closed, the ride will not move.