People in Florida Preparing for Ian!


Isabella Saez, Assistant Editor

Following the devastating Hurricane Fiona, Hurricane Ian is sweeping through the East Coast as a mean category four and pushing five. Floridians frantically braced themselves for the first rainfall on Wednesday morning and have continued to stay hopeful as everything has been closed. 

With Hurricane season being in the air, many Florida residents have been stocking up on water and toilet paper. Publix, Walmart and Costco have sold out on their shelves! A plethora of warehouses and grocery stores have been closing due to weather conditions as well as lack of resources. Floridians have cleaned out stock and are becoming refugees. Mothers are also stocking up for their babies and relying on powdered milk in case electricity goes out. 

The forthcoming Hurricane Ian has suspended other large companies like Disney World, Busch Gardens and other local Floridian businesses. While people are staying close to home, there has been a need to get out and stay in touch with the community. Not forgetting to include, Florida airports have delayed many flights coming in and out due to the severe weather. Nicole Ramos, following Hurricane Fiona says, “I had just left the Island because Puerto Rican airports had reopened and almost got stuck in Florida due to Ian! I needed to get out almost immediately after the event I attended,” assuming she was planning on staying longer. 

Prayers for Florida and those who have been tragically affected by Ian. Hurricane season has started strong and will leave collateral damage.