Frederick City First Saturday

Yaiza Hernanadez , Contributor

Frederick City, with a population of 71,843 is a growing city with a growing community and a large growing commercial activity. 

Frederick, located in the western part of Maryland, is home to the museum of Civil War Medicine and the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, which is a 1750’s German colonial house with a large heritage garden. Along with this, the Rose Hill Manor park and museum, as well as Gambrill State Park offer mountain trails and overlook and so much more. 

One of those is the growing community of Downtown Frederick from a small origin to a bustling retail and restaurant strip. Attracting the eyes of many out-of-state visitors, the first Saturday was created as a day every first Saturday of the month to show love and support to the locals. These events include shopping at local businesses and independent retailers or eating at local restaurants and supporting the local artists in the community and of course exploring all of Downtown Frederick itself. 

Whether you’ve lived here for years or you are a first-time visitor, first Saturdays are great for families and visitors to discover something new and beautiful that is to offer in the historical town of Downtown Frederick. Also, many downtown businesses themselves celebrate the first Saturday by offering their own unique events. This ranges from in-store tastings to galleries open to new and old artists alike to exhibitions. There is always something new and exciting popping up in the community. 

Other events range from movie nights at Baker Parks, farmer markets, fashion shows, thrifting events, live musicians and performances from various artists both new and old. And many food options popping up and down the street.

Senior student Ash Kraus says, “Downtown Frederick is such a large area full of so many businesses of varying levels. The first Saturday of each month has, even more, to offer than most times, going and experiencing that is valuable. Plus, you’re supporting small businesses at the same time, which is always a great thing!” 

So if you and your family ever have the chance, go out and explore downtown Frederick on the first Saturday of every month, because there is always something new and exciting to do. And of course, go show your love and support to small businesses. 

Downtown Frederick (Yaiza Hernandez)