Closing of Frederick Business Leads to Devastating Effects on Community

Sara Geitner, Contributor

Closing of Frederick Business Leads to Devastating Effects on Community

Glory Doughnuts empty building as of 9/9/22 (Sara Geitner)

The Frederick Community Fridge announces its temporary closing following their host business, Glory Doughnuts, shutting down after 10 years of serving the community. Glory Doughnuts, a beloved vegan diner located at 162 W. Patrick St., announced its closing August 31st. Due to their struggling with “high overhead costs and having moved into [their] new space during the pandemic…” their landlord abruptly shut the work down at 3 a.m. while the staff was baking. This occurred after the landlord agreed to allow the business to finish out their final week, the business stated via social media.

A year before the closure, they began a partnership with the Frederick Community Fridge, a public fridge that provides anyone who may need it with free access to food and drinks. Together, the partnership hosted benefit events to raise donations for the fridge, including many music performances.

However, with Glory Doughnuts closing, the Frederick Community Fridge no longer has a place to house it, leading to their temporary closure while they look for another business to provide a “stable, long-term location.” The fridge provided essential and beneficial aids to people in need within the Frederick Community, and many will feel the effects of its loss.

Mila Queen, a senior at Tuscarora High School who was a visitor of Glory Doughnuts discusses her feelings about the closing. “I can no longer be filled with excitement when I see [the Glory Doughnuts] building, now all I can think about is the loss that Frederick has suffered.”

If you may know a business that would be willing to house the Frederick community fridge and pantry, please message them on Instagram @frederick_communityfridge, or email them at [email protected].