Stranger Things Season 4 is out!

Melissa Romero Torres, Contributor

With the popular release of Season 4 of Stranger Things, I doubt there isn’t anyone who hasn’t binge-watched the past 3 seasons before its premiere. But if you haven’t, let me catch you up to speed. First season Will Byers went missing and everybody in town started looking for him. As this search continues we the viewers and a small group from Hawkins discover that Hawkins is no  ordinary town. There’s a research facility that performs experiments on ordinary people and is trying to find a way to gain access to this place called the “Upside down.” Through the season we meet our heroine, Eleven, go on adventures with the Hawkins crew, and hopefully find Will. Now, Season 2 and 3 explore and identify new threats that are quickly approaching Hawkins, from a popular new guy in town to even the Soviet Union. Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t watched, a few of our beloved characters die. With the death of a certain character, season 4 is set up to have an interesting plot. Will we possibly see a return Dr. Brenner, or Kali (08)? And will they interfere or provide support for our superhero Eleven? I’ve already watched season 4 and I can proudly say it’s by far one of the best seasons yet! Especially as the characters have grown a lot we can see them struggle to better understand their trauma and overcome it and even though there wasn’t much success at the end of season 4 the show gave us new characters that fans would easily love and a change of setting which showed us the upside down is a bigger problem for not just Hawking but the whole world, so for viewers who love a good suspense, terror but lowkey funny show watch it if you haven’t!