Calling all Fans: The Girls Basketball Team needs your support!!!


Emma LaFisca, Writer

Attention Titans, make sure you come out and support the Titans girls basketball team. They will be facing off against Walkerville at home on Thursday January 27, at 7 o’clock pm. The girls could really use our support so make sure you buy your tickets! Student tickets are $2 and regular tickets are $6. So bring a friend or a family member. It is up to you, the many members of Titan Nation, to show up, to get rowdy and be the best student section ever! 

The girls basketball team has been working very hard this season. They attend practice six times a week and give it their all. We interviewed Zizi Oji, number 22, she says that before each game the girls will “gather in a circle and hype each other up.” She also gave her thoughts on why it is so crucial that our fellow Titans come out to the game. “Knowing that there are people in the stands that you don’t want to let down just mentally makes players work harder, and we need more of that, especially this season.” So come on out Titans and show your support for our Girls Basketball team as they give their all for Titan Nation!!!