Famous Author Tiffany Jackson visits Tuscarora!


Cecelia Zombro, Writer

Tiffany Jackson, New York Times bestselling author, young adult fiction writer, and horror filmmaker, made a welcoming appearance to an event hosted by Tuscarora high school, and attended by many other FCPS schools. Miss Jackson discussed her newest book White Smoke and gave her insight on writing for young authors. Many students had the opportunity to speak with Tiffany to ask her questions about her techniques and gain a deeper understanding of her other books. After each Q&A, Mrs. Kremnitzer, a literacy specialist at Tuscarora created breakout rooms for the students to join, each regarding a different book the author had written, open to discussions for students that would join. The final online session with Jackson involved her giving the classes and students activities focusing on the writing aspect of her work, games that help get your head moving, asking fundamental questions, adding to writing prompts, practicing description and sensory details. After saying farewell to Tiffany Jackson another was said to the great students and staff who attended the meeting. To end the day at Tuscarora, the students were split into groups of those interested in doing art for the book, writing spinoffs, research, or reading.

This all day event was very interactive and informative for young authors attending FCPS. The meet maintained safety while still engaging all students in the sessions. Later treating our titans to pizza for lunch. The literacy staff, book readers, and aspiring writers are hoping to see more events like this in the future, bringing together the community and motivating more students to keep reading, writing and inspiring. Next week we will feature a more in depth recounting of the event including some of the question and answer sessions, so stay tuned for the follow up to this piece coming soon!