Pretzel and Pizza Creations

Pretzel and Pizza Creations

Mia Egerman, Cloe Hartley, and Marissa Pycha

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                 After a long day of window shopping and hanging out in the park, it’s understandable why you’d build up an appetite. Seemingly endless options are available to you in the city of Frederick, where Pretzel and Pizza Creations is located. Clearly one would presume that both their pizza and pretzel selections are vast, but it doesn’t stop there.

Pretzels and pizza may not be for everybody but that doesn’t mean Pretzel and Pizza Creations isn’t for you! Serving up a variety of soups and sandwiches, they also have a charming  ice cream bar. Their New York style pizza is to die for and isn’t a five hour drive for a slice.  As for the pretzels, there is just enough flavoring to make you want another one. Many of the sandwiches looked desirable, yet the chicken pesto sandwich in my opinion, is definitely a good choice. The entire menu sounded and looked pleasing, but if you don’t know what to get I recommend going for their signature pretzels.


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Pretzel and Pizza Creations doesn’t lack originality, but the space is cramped. When ordering, the space becomes crowded from others in line. For this same reason, it’s hard to make your way from the entrance to the seating area without having to go through the ordering line.  Also, if you are with a large group of friends, I wouldn’t suggest dining here. But, the brick walls and rustic, yet urban design make your experience cozy.

The pricing of Pretzel and Pizza creations is fitting and definitely worth it. So make sure to look out for their pizza slice hours when they sell two to three slices of pizza for only a couple dollars. We hope to see you there!