Tuscarora Student Section

Tuscarora Student Section

Andrew Edwards, Newspaper Editor

Sports are an essential part of life to the titan community, but nothing may be as important as the student section. The Titan nation takes pride in their student section every game. The energy and excitement from the start are unmatched. When it comes to the themes or the decorations, the students at Tuscarora never disappoint. Win or lose, the population here at Tuscarora wants everyone to know that the best student section resides here. 

On Friday, September 3rd, the football team is starting their season hosting Middletown in what is going to be a very competitive game. With the sights on a winning season, the student section wanted to bring the energy from the jump. The first game will feature a whiteout theme, where all Titans are being asked to come out in their white gear and show their support. Some of the organizing upperclassmen for the student section have some insight into what the upcoming season holds and why everyone should be involved. 

Maddie Cramer, a senior at Tuscarora, wants to lead the student section because “I want to contribute and rebrand it since we were not in school last year. The importance of the student section is to provide a game-day experience that makes both athletes and students want to be involved. One of the main ideas right now is to do something interactive during school on game days to create the game day hype beforehand.” 

Another senior, Anthony Argueta, has a very clear view of the Tuscarora students section. “I want to have a lead role because I believe we have a lack of pride when it comes to school sports. In my past experiences, students would leave games halfway through. I want to change that and provide an environment in which students will stay the entire game. A lively student section can inspire people to be more involved in school spirit, leading to a better culture throughout the school. My ideas for the year include building the student section to be the biggest one in the county. I want this to be for all sports and not just football.”            

Madison Shreve, a senior at Tuscarora,  didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be a valuable part in the buildup of the student section. “I wanted to be a part of the student section leadership because it is my senior year, and I want to participate in as many fun school events as possible before I graduate. Being in a leadership position, I will get the chance to help build our student section back up for future years and give the students who come to games a chance to make memories. I want the rest of the student body to participate and support our athletic programs and show everyone how much school spirit we have. We are planning different themes, such as a whiteout and pink out for homecoming. We also have been discussing chants we want to use during the games. We have many fun ideas planned this year, and we want as many students to participate as possible. We are currently expanding the student sections’ social media accounts to spread information to as many students as possible. The goal is to create an exciting student section for future generations.”           

Every student at Tuscarora needs to show their spirit if they want to be regarded as the best student section in the county. With many themes and ideas planned out for this season, that is a very reasonable goal. Nevertheless, the effort and dedication from the students to build up the student section can’t go unnoticed. If this kind of commitment is present for every sport and every game, it will be a challenging task to top the Tuscarora student section. The enthusiasm put forth by these students and others will only build up school spirit for future titans.